Madame Huehue is one of the hottest DJ agency and event production companies of 2017! We are a collective for the music scene and creative arts. We enhance music with a modern sense and contemporary. We take a strategic and global approach towards sustainable success for our artists. We provide DJ booking for a wide range of events, such as nightclubs, bars and private events.

We focus on releasing avant-garde music which is widely regarded as very diverse in genres and styles. The experience of Madame Huehue is a varied and unique mix of electronic music, taking influences from the past with a strong focus on the future. Madame Huehue is the spirit that moves the collective, the spirit of refining House and Techno.

We unite DJs, promoters, graphic designers and artists with one goal. To collaborate over time to perform and promote music. Through Madame Huehue, we really want to create a close family. Our approach is team-oriented, working with others to achieve great results. We really want to develop relationships that are the key for a successful agency.


Title given historically empresses, queens, princesses and more generally to women of noble birth.


In Aztec mythology, he is the god of arts, master of ceremonial music and dance. Hue hue represented the duality. the dudane and spiritual, the masculine and feminine.

Chloe is a French Mexican jewelry designer. She created her own jewelry brand named Hohe.v. As a child, Chloe accompanied her mother, a French model to castings and fashion shows where she developed an early appreciation for fashion, jewelry, and the visual. She spent much of her youth in Europe, Mexico, and the United States. The cultures of these countries enriched her life and brought the inspiration for her dj sets. Chloe began to play for pleasure and is currently playing in the best bars and clubs in Mexico City.

Helene is a French music lover. Surrounded by DJs since her childhood, she developed a particular interest in electronic music. Downtemp, House, Deep House and Techno. In 2011 with her crew she created Nepap Radio/Records, a dj production agency that aims to promote emerging talents but also wellknown artists as Losko from the famous Soulection Label. Now living in Mexico, she wants to continue what she began in France, revolutionizing nightlife.



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